10/7 Class Summary


We worked on finishing up Cripple Creek and started on the first 4 measures of Arkansas Traveler.

Technical Skills:

-I, IV and V

  • The major chords in any key are the I, IV, and V chords (Roman numerals for one, four, and five). The tonal center of any key is the I chord, and you can use your fingers (aka your Handy Dandy Chord Selection Calculator) to count up to the IV and V.

  • Example: in the key of D, D=I, G=IV, A=V

-Banjo Tunings!

  • So far we have 2 Tunings. They’re written in order from the floor up, ending with the high 5th string.

    • G Tuning: D, B, G, D, g

    • Double C Tuning: D, C, G, C, g

Practice Goals:

DH: work on getting your basic Cripple Creek solid and up-to-speed so you can play it nice and smooth. Feel free to stop by the music store Wednesday or Thursday for pointers!

DO: Work on the first 4 measures of Arkansas Traveler. Extra Bonus Life Points if you work ahead and learn the full A part.

McKain Lakey