9/23 Class Summary


Welcome to our new students! We reviewed our agreements and goals from last week, learned about I, IV, and V chords, and began working on Say Darlin’ Say.


Say Darlin Say- Guitar TAB
Say Darlin Say- Mandolin TAB
Say Darlin Say- Lyrics & Chords
Say Darlin Say- A Part MELODY ONLY
Say Darlin Say- Tommy Jarrell Version

Technical Skills:

-How to hold a pick:

  • Hold your right hand out and make a claw shape with your fingers.

  • Put pick down so it balances on your knuckles with the pointed part sticking out from your first knuckle.

  • Put your thumb down on top of the pick

-I, IV and V

  • The major chords in any key are the I, IV, and V chords (Roman numerals for one, four, and five). The tonal center of any key is the I chord, and you can use your fingers (aka your Handy Dandy Chord Selection Calculator) to count up to the IV and V.

  • Example: in the key of D, D=I, G=IV, A=V

-Alternating Bass

  • When practicing your Boom-Chuck, alternate the “Boom” between the string with the bass note and the string next door.

Example: For a D chord a boom chuck with an Alternating Bass would be

  • Pluck 4th string (D), STRUM

  • Pluck the 5th string (A), STRUM

Practice Goals:

-Start working on Say Darlin Say. Begin with working on the singing and practicing your chord transitions. Extra bonus life points if you start working through the tab on your own.

-Practice using an Alternating Bass when you work on your chords.

-Quiz yourself on the I, IV, V chords in different keys so you can transpose songs lightning quick!

McKain Lakey