Class Summary 10/7


Today we talked about what a measure is, practiced our D chord, and started learning our G chord.


What is a measure?

  • A measure is a segment of time that contains a certain number of beats (usually four). In written music, it looks like a box with notes written in it. Dividing a song into measures allows us to break up the music into manageable chunks to learn. When we do a count-in at the beginning of a song, we typically count one measure. Ex. “1-2-3-4”

Guitar Reference Guide:

Gtr Reference.png

The D Chord:

D Chord.png

The G Chord:

G chord.png

Practice Goals:

Continue working on your D chord, and begin to try your G chord. The goal is to be able to Boom-Chuck with an Alternating Bass at a steady rhythm on both chords. This will be the foundation of our first song- Angeline the Baker.

McKain Lakey