10/7 Class Summary


We continued working on Old Joe Clark, and made up our own verse! We also talked about what a count-in is, and what a measure is.


What is a measure?

  • A measure is a segment of time that contains a certain number of beats (usually four). In written music, it looks like a box with notes written in it. Dividing a song into measures allows us to break up the music into manageable chunks to learn. When we do a count-in at the beginning of a song, we typically count one measure. Ex. “1-2-3-4”

Why do we count-in?

  • Counting-in a song is very important. It allows everyone to start a song at the same time, and at the same speed. When you’re counting in, try singing a little section of the song to yourself and tapping your foot to the beat, so you know how fast you want the song to be before you count. Then come in with a strong “1-2-3-4”

Old Joe Clark TAB
Old Joe Clark Audio Reference

Practice Goals:

Work on the A part of “Old Joe Clark”. If you want to keep your practicing interesting, try alternating playing the melody with singing our new verse:

“Old Joe Clark went in to town to buy a pumpkin pie.
The shopping keeper lied about the price- it was way too high”

McKain Lakey