9/24 Class Summary


We continued working on the melody to Golden Slippers and worked on our guitar back-up skills. Refer to last week’s class summary for tab and audio for Golden Slippers.

Technical Skills:

-Listening for “Potatoes”. When playing with a fiddler, listen to how the fiddler starts the tune in order to determine the groove and the tempo.

-Alternating Bass

  • When practicing your Boom-Chuck, alternate the “Boom” between the string with the bass note and the string next door.

Example: For a D chord a boom chuck with an Alternating Bass would be

  • Pluck 4th string (D), STRUM

  • Pluck the 5th string (A), STRUM

Practice Goals:

-Work on getting the A part to Golden Slippers in-time and up-to-speed.

-Work on practicing the Alternating Bass when we Boom-Chuck.

McKain Lakey